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All information at your fingertips

Manage all the communication and collaboration between school & you anytime and anywhere.


One app to manage all your communication needs. One way, Group communication, interactive conversations and more.


A complete suite of solution to provide a window into your child's day away from home. This coupled with automated attendance using NFC and RFID technologies.


One dashboard to see your students performance, behavior, attendance, fees due, teacher's details, management reports and more.


Learning happens inside and outside the classroom. We have enabled the students with methods which makes learning and retention interesting and faster.


An unique collaboraton model available for teachers, students and parents. The collaboration can be done at local, district, country or global level.

Integrated Solution

Out of the box completely integrated with school ERP and back office process. All information in one single app. No more complexity in managing multiple systems. Huge cost savings by eleminating integrations.

Private & Secure.

Share with confidence, knowing everything on ChalkSphere is protected by strict security measures.









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Chalksphere is Free for Teachers and Students

Are you a school administrator? Chalksphere can help you save time and money while improving communication and increasing parents' participation at school events, volunteer opportunities and more.

Chalksphere Real teachers, saving real time... See how much time these teachers saved by using Chalksphere for their classroom communication

Mrs. Shalini Sharma

Physics Faculty

I feel like I have already fostered great relationships with parents because they feel informed and they have a direct line of communication with me.

Mr. Surinder Singh

Maths Faculty

By using Chalksphere, I save so much of time and hassle to reach out to parents. Now students come to class more prepared than ever!

Mrs. Desai

Chemistry Faculty

Chalksphere has helped me in ensuring that the parents are tightly integral to what I am teaching at school. By providing regular updates and receiving great feedback, I can see a more cohesive class than before.

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