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iTeach Features

One single place to conduct your teachers training online or in a remote setup.


Provide assignments and teching material to your teachers online. The teachers can complete the assignments online and submit it in the portal itself.

Collaborate and build lesson plans

Teachers can collaborate with other teachers and educators across the globe and build the lesson plans. Teachers will also be provided lesson plans best practice.

Test and Quiz

Test and quiz can be conducted by the boards and the teachers will be able to take the tests and quiz online and the results will be published online. The teachers will get continuous reinforcements on the teaching materials


All the certificates provided by the board for a teacher can be stored in a central location for a teacher. The teachers can be able to download their certificates based on their need.

Team Projects

Team Projects can be provided by the board and teachers will have ability to work in a collaborative team environment online to complete the assignments.

Daily Logs, Progress reports and more..

Teachers will have the ability to record their daily logs and progress reports for the schools and boards. There are many more functionality to explore once you start using the application.

Private & Secure.

The data sent between the school and student is private and secure with patented safety and security software. Share with confidence that Chalksphere is protected by it's patented highest level security measures. Come talk to us.

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