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iSafe Features

One single app which safe tracks you child whenever you want it, where ever you want it.

GPS Tracking

Accurate positioning 24 hours GPRS,LBS, AGPS real-time tracking. Three positionin system increase the accuracy of positioning.

Voice micro Chat

iSafe watch not only can call, it can also voice micro chat. You can talk to your child whenever you want to.

SOS Call

One button SOS call to your parents and contacts for help if it is required when you are in danger. Gives the location from where the call was made.

Electronic Fence

Parents can customize security range and set up an invisible fence. If your child strays beyond the safety zone, and alert goes to the parents

Remote monitoring

One way listening to the sound of the sorrounding at any time when the app will send listening command. Watch can setup call back automatically.

Watch remove alert

When the iSafe watch is removed from the wrist or a child falls down, an alert will go to the parents phone. This helps parents to reach out to school to inquire about the safety of the child.

Private & Secure.

The signal and data sent between the watch and the app is private and secure. Share with confidence that Chalksphere is protected by it's patented highest level security measures. Come talk to us.

Available on

USA (+1)8059902010
INDIA (+91)9556440248