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iConnect Features

One single app to manage all your internal and external communication.

Attendance and notifying parents

Take class attendancy by click of a button and automatically messages goes to the parents about their child attending school. Saves time and increasses prodctivity for teachers. Increases accuracy of reporting of class attendance. Create reports to see attendance for a month or for entire year on a single click!

One way and group messaging

Send messages to parents or encurage parents to discuss things with you in a group set up. Its unlimited! No more paying money to send SMS to parents!


Set reminders for parents and students for the upcoming test or about the fees due. Remind the parents about the important open house meeting coming up! All these can be automated and managed by the app.

Child performance and behavior

Show the parents about their child's performance in the school and about the child bevavior inside the class room. Increase the trust of parents by keeping them constantly informed.

Poll, Vote and Survey

Conduct polls and surveys to get instant feedback from the parents. Enormous Saving in terms of time and money to get real feedback. Also your digital act saves thousand of papers and saves trees. Help the nature!

Text and Voice messages

Send personalized or bulk voice messages and SMS or text messages to the parents if you want to pass on an important message. make the experience more meaningful.

Private & Secure.

The signal and data sent between the watch and the app is private and secure. Share with confidence that Chalksphere is protected by it's patented highest level security measures. Come talk to us.

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