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AR Features

New completely immersive learning to make learning faster, better and retain longer.

Immersive Learning

Immerse into the world of Animals, Birds and more. For senior students immerse into the subjects of science, Maths, History, Geography and more. Understand how something works by living the experience!

Interactive Learning

Interact with concepts and play with abstract ideas and see the results for yourself. Draw your own conclusion from the results!

Retain Longer

The more hands on you you are to understand the concept, the longer you will retain the concept and understand its actual usage in daily lives!

Learning is Fun!

Take the boredom out of learning abstract concepts, play around with characters and keep learning!

Private & Secure.

The signal and data sent between the watch and the app is private and secure. Share with confidence that Chalksphere is protected by it's patented highest level security measures. Come talk to us.

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USA (+1)8059902010
INDIA (+91)9556440248